The one or two days Buddhist retreat is an introduction to Buddhism which provides the tools for cultivation.

The aim of the retreat is to give those new to Buddhism or those with some basic experience a general understanding

or the basic theories of Dharma and Buddhism and to understand what some of the practices are for cultivation.

At the very least participants get a break away from the fast pace of city life in a relaxing, friendly, beautiful and

healthy environment.

Outside at the Buddhist Retreat

A list of available retreats in English:

  • One day Introduction of Buddhism and Practice Workshop

Cutting from worries and busyness,

Finding the opening to mindfulness,

In a temple with long awaited serenity,

Awakening to the consciousness within,

With a new way of practice meditation.

This workshop will provide a wonderful opportunity for those who want to experience, share or deepen the

mindfulness practice while cultivating body-mind-spirit through exercises and games, movement and stillness, and time for

reflection and silence. It is open to practitioners of all ages and levels of experience and will be conducted in English.

Outside at the Buddhist Retreat

Outside at the Buddhist Retreat

  • Two days Introduction of Buddhism and Practice Weekend Retreat
Could you and your family or friends use some time in a relaxing natural environment to learn some basics about Chinese Buddhism and Six Step Buddhist Method ?
How about cleansing your system by eating healthy vegetarian food and getting some exercises?


Outside at the Buddhist Retreat

  • Two days Weekend Buddhist Workshop in Relationship

How to use Buddhism to understand and improve the relationship between man and woman? Are you interested in Qian-Kun 乾坤? Would you like to find a bit more about this? Please come and join us in this workshop.

  •  Two days Weekend Buddhist Art Workshop- Mandala therapy

How to use Mandala in Buddhism to understand and solve the problems and issues in everyday life. This is well used in Buddhism Art Therapy. It helps people release stress and worries in modern life. It improves our inner strength and fine our inner peace.


A list of available retreats in Spanish:

  • Introducción del budismo (1 día)

tener una idea general del budismo, de sus principios básicos, de los Budas y Bodhisattvas más populares, etc.

practicar la Meditación a través de los Seis Pasos

visitar un templo y conocer la cultura budista china

Los Seis Pasos son ser vegetariano, leer el sutra de Ksitigarbha, hacer postraciones, liberar o dar de comer a animalitos o pajaritos, hacer actos buenos y cantar el nombre de Amita Buda.
Nuestro centro de retiro está en Feng Huang Ling, parque natural de Beijing. Está rodeado de montes y árboles. Es un sitio ideal para relajarse y excursión.
La sesión de retiro de este mes empieza el día 18(viernes) por la noche y termina a las 5 de tarde del día 19(sábado).
El curso, la comida y el alojamiento son gratuitos.
Si usted está interesado, escriba al correo losseispasos@126.com para tener más información o para inscribirse. Esperamos su llegada.


Upcoming activities dates in  2016:

please register in advance which retreat you would like to attend.

See ‘Retreat Details’ Page for more information

4-5 Nov 2017- Beijing (2 days retreat) Introduction of Buddhism (Fundamental Level)

18-19 Nov 2017- Beijing (2 days retreat) Introduction of Buddhism (Fundamental Level)

To  register or request information these retreats, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page or send us an email.
Key concepts presented include “the law of cause and effect”, the “five precepts” and “ten good conducts”.

The retreat’s teachings come from the Pure Land school of Buddhism and utilize six steps of cultivation which are tools that enable meditation and peace of mind.


If you are a group of 5-15 people would like to have a different retreat date from above, please let us know via email to info@thinkcloudbj.com, we can arrange a different retreat time for you.

Our retreat can be held from one day to seven days, for more information, please contact us via email.